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Cromwell Bottom


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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Whats in Cromwell September 2012

As we approach the end  of Summer we see the fruits and seeds ripening  . Here is the list of various Plants and Insects Presenting September 2012. Images below

Whats in Cromwell at the Moment ? June 2012

Whats in Cromwell at the Moment ? July 2012
Whats in Cromwell at the Moment ? Aug  2012
Whats in Cromwell at the Moment ? Sept 2012

Early Goldenrod 10564

Early Goldenrod Comment  Flowering 31/09/12


Buff Tailed Bee Bombus terrestris

Wasp  Ichnemonidae
Helophilus pendulus Hoverfly Comments Abundant at the moment
Syritta pipiems Hoverfly Comments Small Hover 7 mm  but with swollen hind tibia making it recognisable
Tenthredo sp Sawfly Comments poss arcuata
Tipula  Comments
Poplar Hawk Moth Caterpillar