Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Goosanders & The Calder

  • Goosanders are a Freshwater diving duck,
  • They are in a Family of Ducks called Sawbills because of their narrow bills with saw-like 'teeth' which are good for gripping fish.
  • Goosanders are excellent at fishing, but their diet, which includes Salmon and Trout, and the ecosystem and water quality of Cromwell Bottom is conducive to this relationship
  • The male Goosander has a dark green head, a black back and a long, red bill with a hook at the tip. The white sides and breast sometimes have a pink glow.
  • The female is grey with a gingery or rufous brown head and a white throat.
  • Males may not be seen in Summer as it is known that the this species has a unique migratory behaviour where it will leave for the FFjords of Norway in Summer to Moult returning in Nov Dec Females remain in this country with a few solitary males to moult
Goosannder 27006

  • Goosanders Mergus merganser is also known as Common Merganser Mergus merganser
  • They have an estimated life Span of 7 years
  • Common Mergansers typically nest in tree cavities wet woodland areas and around large crack willows close to water
  • Goosanders are mainly a River Duck and is similar to the Red breasted merganiser which tends to shallower waters of coastal nature Eg estuarines etc

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Ruby & Tillys Story

Yesterday saw two enthusiastic girls  RUBY and TILLY with their MUM and DAD feed the Birds , Tilly and Ruby put out some peanuts for them and shortly after two big Jays came and gobbled up the nuts.

Afterwards RUBY spotted a SNOWMMANS HEAD  and decided to put a face on it . TILLY and RUBY then made a face on it

RUBY and TILLY are going to make some fatballs from seed and lard to hang up on a string so more birds can come to feed

RUBY checked the bird chart to see how many Birds they had seen . When the had done the girls went home for hot TEA as JACK FROST  was nipping on everyones fingers   : -) .

The Birds where very happy to have met them and when they had gone came down to finish all of the seeds for their Tea

Here is a picture  their Snowman taken by Tilly and Ruby

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Winter Bird Feeding

CB is fairly well catered for in terms of feeds it is important to increase feeding territories so that populations over winter and expand .Its not all about the photographs :-) FEET have 5 non public Feed stations at the moment in Calderdale ( and others elesewhere) solely given to feeding in the natural state.

Elland Rd is clear,

Blue Tit
Great Tit

Monday, 11 January 2016

Recent Floods

A walk Round the Reserve yesterday

The canal towpaths  are covered with about 3 in of mud in part . There has been some wall damage mid along canal mid section between River calder and the canal where there has been over spill. Of the two sunken barges the Fashion of Bristol Canal Boat has now been refloated , where a cat was trapped and drowned . Some tree damage is also evident along the towpath area

At Cromwell Lock the metal fencing separating the Water ski lake from the lock area has been damaged  and at the angling club the excavated lake overspilled taking some of the banking out on the Brookfoot Bridge side

It was possible to do a round robin  along the river path and onto the canal tow path however it is not remmended as the bund bridge is down

The Bridge at the yard Crowther Bridge has been significantly damaged due to a barge collision and closed the Canal Towpath . It is likely to have to be replaced . The focus of attention is also the maintainance of the HT lines along the canal to Brighouse side

Flow on the Calder is high so caution if exercising small animals near the waters edge