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Cromwell Bottom


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Monday, 11 January 2016

Recent Floods

A walk Round the Reserve yesterday

The canal towpaths  are covered with about 3 in of mud in part . There has been some wall damage mid along canal mid section between River calder and the canal where there has been over spill. Of the two sunken barges the Fashion of Bristol Canal Boat has now been refloated , where a cat was trapped and drowned . Some tree damage is also evident along the towpath area

At Cromwell Lock the metal fencing separating the Water ski lake from the lock area has been damaged  and at the angling club the excavated lake overspilled taking some of the banking out on the Brookfoot Bridge side

It was possible to do a round robin  along the river path and onto the canal tow path however it is not remmended as the bund bridge is down

The Bridge at the yard Crowther Bridge has been significantly damaged due to a barge collision and closed the Canal Towpath . It is likely to have to be replaced . The focus of attention is also the maintainance of the HT lines along the canal to Brighouse side

Flow on the Calder is high so caution if exercising small animals near the waters edge

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