Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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WILDLIFE SITING /IDENTIFICATION Send Details or Pictures of finds for identification click to email RECORDS. Please Note ALL lists and Biological Records are Copyright Protected (C) Colin Duke 1998 - 2018 on behalf of the Freshwater Environment Ecology Trust . they should NOT be used or reproduced without permission

Guide To Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom LNR - A Guide to the Biodiversity & Natural History of the Reserve

What is It ?

It is a full  illustrated Guide to Cromwell Bottom LNR and its Natural History. You can find out more by clicking . The Guide currently runs at 110 A4 pages Cromwell Bottom LNR - A Guide to Biodiversity & Natural History of the Reserve

                                  Cromwell Report

How Do I Get It ?
A copy can be obtained by donating  £7  on the Donation Button Below. On receipt we will send you an email specific link and user licence  which will allow you to download the report

What Can I do With It ?

Read , Enjoy Explore the Natural History of Cromwell Bottom pr simply use it as an educational resource for recreation or schools

Whats In It ?

FEET are pleased to announce the Publication of a Guide to the Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve . The cost of Publication which is a not for profit work will assist FEET in the delivery of our work with schools and essential equipment as well as funding the cost of paper printing . The cost of Publication in PDF format is £ 7.00 .  The work contains Maps , Diagrams , ID Matrices for all Classes of Organisms as well as a detailed over view to the Habitat Mosaics. A licenced document will be sent with a Password to enable it to be opened and read . An Account of the History , Geography , Geology of the reserve gives a clear overview of LNR . The work also has colour Matrices to help you Identify , Hoverflies , Shieldbugs  &  Nymphs , Ladybirds & Larvae, Dragonflies , Plant Galls , Butterflies. Each of the Compartments is described and cross-referenced  and described . Please register your interest by emailing You may also preview a document over view by clicking the red link belo    Payment  May be made securely through Paypal , in person etc . On receipt we will providea link to Download  Payment  May be made securely through Paypal , in person

For More See Description (Click Link Below)

Cromwell Report

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