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Cromwell Bottom


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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Ruby & Tillys Story

Yesterday saw two enthusiastic girls  RUBY and TILLY with their MUM and DAD feed the Birds , Tilly and Ruby put out some peanuts for them and shortly after two big Jays came and gobbled up the nuts.

Afterwards RUBY spotted a SNOWMMANS HEAD  and decided to put a face on it . TILLY and RUBY then made a face on it

RUBY and TILLY are going to make some fatballs from seed and lard to hang up on a string so more birds can come to feed

RUBY checked the bird chart to see how many Birds they had seen . When the had done the girls went home for hot TEA as JACK FROST  was nipping on everyones fingers   : -) .

The Birds where very happy to have met them and when they had gone came down to finish all of the seeds for their Tea

Here is a picture  their Snowman taken by Tilly and Ruby

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