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Thursday, 18 July 2013

YNU Entomology Visit July 2013

Here is an update of some of the insect finds made on the YNU round which I walked with Bill whose expertise is Ichneumon Wasps , and very expert indeed , a very difficult group to ID in the Field. and we look forward to the Ichneumons adding to our Reserve list circa 25 Ichneumon species found which is to say the least is quite substantial. Others looked at Fungi Beetles and Botany

We began by walking the Grids . The insects where very much active in the hot weather we have had and finds reflecting emerging instars , nymphs and eggs. with many grassland species presenting. Honey Bees where also busy gathering summer pollens

Unknown Eggs underneath an Oak Leaf

Unknown Eggs 20069

With a good selection of Ladybird Larvae in the sweep net( Also Recorded 22-Spot, 7-Spot Query 10-Spot. Harlequin at All stages , Orange Ladybird 3 weeks previous )

Cream Spot Ladybird

Cream Spot Ladybird 19989

7- Spot larvae

7 Spot Ladybird 20013

14 Spot Ladybird Larvae

14 Spot Ladybird 20051

A Ladybird Pupae Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis

Harlequin Pupae 20097

A Lacewing Larvae Chrysopa ( likely perla - The Blue Lacewing )

Lacewing larvae 20065

Along the River this Tricoptera Caddis Fly Larvae was found 

Black Dancer 19994

Black Dancer (Mystacides likely M. Nigra or M. Azurea Also noted this small Weevil swept from trees adjacent to R Calder on the Grid

Weevil 20010

An interesting Grassland Find was the Assassin Fly AKA Robberfly Striped Slender Robberfly Leptogaster
cylindrica Family Asilidae

Leptogaster cylindrica 20970

The Dance Fly Empis livida   was also noted

Empis 20032

A good Selection of Grassland Mirid Bugs where also found which included Capsis ater, Grypocoris stysi, Anthocoris nemorum, Notostira elongata, Stenodema laevigata. Potato Capsid

Closterotomus norwegicusGrass Mirid (Leptopterna dolabrata) was also present in huge numbers on Grass seed heads

Grass Bug Notostira elongata Family Miridae

Notostira elongata 20027

Stenodema laevigata Family Miridae

Stenodema laevigata  20016

The Broad Damsel Bug

Nabis 20003

Hoverflies included Sphaerophora , Heliophilus pendulus,

Sphaerophora 20075

The Green shieldbug was present at Stage 1, 2 Nymphs and are down in sightings this year nationally

Green Shieldbug Nymphs 20040

Lepidoptera seen also included Common Blue, Shaded Broadbar, Large Skipper, Small Skipper 6 Spot Burnet, Straw Dot, Cinnabar caterpillars where present in large numbers as per previous week. The Nettle Tap Moth was abundant, The Grassland species Grass Veneer Chrysoteucha culminata was also present in number

A large Tetragnatha sp likely extensa was also present with a pale green body reflecting the state of ground vegetation

Tetragnatha 20033

Notable Botany include the Common Figwort, Common Toadflax , Meadow Sweet, Tall Melliot, Grass Vetchling some Common Spotted Orchid stands remained in the shadier woodland . Birds Nest and Broad Leaved Helleborine was also about

Common Toadflax Linaria vulgaris

Common Toadflax 20087

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