Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Monday, 15 September 2014

FEET Welcome Archaeology Yorkshire to Cromwell

Presentation on the History and Heritage  of  Calder Hebble Navigation

FEET welcomed Archaeology Yorkshire to the reserve on Sunday 14th September 2014 a Great Bunch of very entusiastic Yorkshire Folk putting Archaeology on the Map  The group had a long day and we sincerely hope they  enjoyed the talk and visit

FEET  delivered A 2 hour Slide Presentation on the History and Heritage  of  Calder Hebble Navigation with reference to the Tag Cut was presented to the Group at the Ogden Classroom 10 -12 with Tea and Biscuits between. . More about Ogden can be found here 

Followed by a Buffet Lunch prepared by a Debbie also a  FEET Member 

Lunch was followed by a visit to the nature reserve at Cromwell Bottom LNR   1:00 - 4:00 pm . A total of 15 where in attendance 

A Very presentable Group !!!!!!

Louise Far Right Secretary for Archaeology Yorkshire

June at the Bird feeding Station

Louise and June

June and Louise on Tow path

Part of Group On Bridge looking onward to Brighouse

Gordon Assists with Botanical Finds on the way Round we find Red Bartsia Seeding Birds Foot Trefoil , Common Toadflax , Yarrow , Snowberry , Rosebat Willowherb , Arrow head, a a Good Show of Flowering Rush on Canal Side

FEET say a special Thank You to  Louise for organising and coordinating the Group visit as Archaeology Yorkshire  Secretary . FEET also have invited her to join the Group as Animal Welfare Officer  largely due to here dedication and  experience in raising funds for Animal Rescue such as the Donkey Sanctuary

The first section of the Talk looked at the History and Heritage of the Calder and Hebble as well as some of its more unique  features such as Flood Locks and Flood Gates ,and the Hand Spike used at the Cromwell Lock

In the second Part of the Presentation we began a virtual journey in pictures along the C & H  21,5  Mile stretch of the Navigation from Wakefield to Sowerby Bridge . We looked at the two main off shoot arms The Dewsbury Arm and the Arm at Halifax now disused from Exley onward and in the Brook Valley  known as the Hebble Trail which used to end just close to the Railway station and noted the importance of Bring Coal Barges in to Shaw Mill owned by the Holdsworths for the production of Coal Gas to light the Town of Halifax

On the reserve itself we studied the lock Gate leading to the River at Brookfoot and at the other end noted the Pack Horse Bridge old Lock Gates above the weir were barfes would have diverted the Shallow River Flats so an onward journey could be made , of Course in 1790 the Canal Proper was extended onward from Brighouse and the Cut ceased or became used less

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