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Cromwell Bottom


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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Biodiversity - Insight Cromwell - We've Got It Mapped

We will shortly be introducing Inter Active Mapping  For F.E.E.T  Members  Freshwater Environment Ecology Trust )

We hope to make available this basic version of our recording set which shows finds aprox to 1m throughout the reserve , extracts below show finds from various sets. At each pin there will be a photo of the species found at that location
Eg Invertebrates - Red Star
     Plants -  Yellow Flower
     Birds  - Blue Circles

This Interactive Map  can readily locate Plants , Entomology and any other validated Biodiversity on the site. by clicking on the species in each of the Family cataegories. The map can be viewed in full screen mode

The data set N = circa 17,000 records over T= 17 yrs

Using a second Map Platforms we can add multiple layers which identify by Phenology - What Timeof year - what is expected to be found at specfic date time iintervals at that location through the Seasons refining searches for what can be found through out the year at Cromwell
Such Mapping provides a clear insight to the Nature Reserve and much if the Biodiversity on it. Below Screenshots only

Why Have we Mapped it ?

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