Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Flood Records Cromwell Bottom & Lower Valley

Interesting Records post  By Glynne W

Below are just a few images i caught the other day , after the floods down by Cromwell Bottom

Now  just what was the weight limit

flood damage and the reflection 

barge pumping 

the 2 sunk barges that hit the bridge 

roof of sunken barge

keep pumping 

is this the flood line 

some towpath damage 

new moorings 

between the trees 

more towpath damage 

that was some navigation 

dangerous  steps even with hand rail these days 

old lock cottage foundations ?

told him not to try dig that tree out 

full rate , half rate, and free moorings 

water damaged Elland bridge 

this shows the debris that got caught on the bridge across to the nature reserve
                                                 goes to show how high the river must of been

yet another landslide from the waste site 

debris caught at the lock gates 

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