Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Life in the Hedgerow

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Another Round this afternoon in the very Crisp Blue Sunshine ended in a cold grey down pour. Nevertheless Cromwell Bottom consistingly provides records for all seasons and provided a contrast to the mirky scene of the spaghnum bog damged by flood - the fly ash particles seen settling out as a milky water and sludge quicksand

This afternoon provided more Bryophyte - Simple Plant Records as well as a liverworts were made

Bristle-moss Orthotrichum sp possibly affine on bridge walling  

Noted in the  moss at about 2-3 mm was red mites possibly Trombola species 

This young Robin again came to the hand but the foot  he had noticed that whislt photographing the Mosses a large earth worm had become dislodged and fair game he came without hesitation to the end of the green wellies picked up tea and progressed to the branch to onlook and dine . Robins clearly notice how humans dislodge or disrupt food in the environment are quick to capitilise on this 

Sited on the Water Ski Lake was two Cormorants unfortunately captured with the wrong lens but as always with the work of the FEET an evidential record is always made .

The evening now is also punctuated with the distinct calls of thrush whose distinct memory of vocal patterns make each one distinct and recognisable like a voice

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