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Cromwell Bottom


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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

More Botanical Records

A  mid week walk this week documented more species to the Records on the reserve

This included a small localised spot of Lords and Ladies and the Great Scented Liverwort as well as Pellia_sp  possihly epiphylla another Liverwort but needs detailed field examination to be exact



Pollen counts begin to rise with the flowering spring trees such as Alder


Also inconspicuously flowering is the Alternative Leaved Sazifrage and leaves of Butterbur and Hogweed are now appearing

Bittercresses are also comming through - and together with the other Brassicacea  will be foodplants for the early first generation of Spring Butterfly such as the Orange Tips

A Tremella sp Jelly Fungi was also found on tree bark and also evident at a previous spot norably coloured for this time of year the Scarlet Elf Cup Sarcoscypha sp



On the Bird front a young Swan has returned to the Canal likely looking for a Mate The ring is visible.

Swan 5901xx

Anticipated soon will be the early bumblebees and solitary bees which may have sufferred from the recent floods

On Tues a young female Pike of about 12 LB or more was recorded at Brookfoot Lock

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