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Cromwell Bottom


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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Creatures of The Night

When all have left and the stars shine in the firmament the reserve switches into a different gear Heres the Picture for tonight 6th April 2016 at 10 pm Tonight  looking at each compass point they of course all overlap


This nocturnal Bronze Ground beetle was found patrolling the the Paths hunting for its prey such as slugs . It attacks them at their apeture and in turn responds by secreting copious ammounts of mucous


With relative humidity high and marginally warmer temperatures Spiders can be seen by torchlight in the tree canopy together with Slugs and a common tree dewller the White Legged Centipede

Tachypodoiulus niger 9246

Also Found a March Tubic Diurma fagella an early Spring Moth


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