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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Lucy's Lemurs

Brave Girl Lucy Ryan  Takes on great Challenge for conservation  Heres Lucy's story and how you can help her

Lucy's Fund Raising page


Lucy's Story

We say GOOD LUCK to LUCY on her trip

My name is Lucy Ryan, at 11 I was diagnosed with a cerebral folate deficiency. A rare metabolic disorder which effects the muscles and nerves in the hands and feet. Symptoms include cramps and muscle and nerve pain. As a result I use a wheelchair or crutches and was unable to complete my GCSEs. However this has not changed my ambitions and has only made me more determined to succeed.

10 years on, I am currently completing a BSc in Wildlife Conservation at LJMU, with a 2nd year grade of 75%. I have gained experience in a range of ecological surveying and wildlife management techniques. With a particular interests primate and community based conservation.

In September i will embark on an 11 month scientific research expedition to Madagascar. This will allow me to gain vital and invaluable experience within my chosen field. Day to day activities will include Lemur conservation, Environmental education, reforestation, habitat protection and the replantation of native species.

I also have the opportunity to complete a scientific research project on the Endangered Collared Brown Lemur. Greatly dependent upon habitat quality, population densities of this species in the selected area are currently unknown. My project aims to not only identify these but to establish a long term monitoring program for the species. To fill the current gap in knowledge, with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) identifying population trend data as a research priority for this species.

Originally intended as a work experience placement with uni, funding would have been greatly supported by SFE. However due to complications with university insurance, the placement was unable to go ahead. Now considered a gap year and separate from university the whole expedition must be self funded.

Donations go towards project equipment, forest permits, accommodation, living costs and flights. Please share my story, all donations are greatly appreciated (min £2).


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