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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Deer Sightings & Christmas News

A number of Reindeer have been sighted in the Calderdale Area and have made there way close to Old Earth primary School and onto  the Nature reserve

Children in Cumbria ( Year 3 ) have also this year been tasked to sing a traditional Christmas Song -  in Japanese,. We used this as a Tune witrh a little help from Mrs Ashton on Piano


Santa Tracking Anyone who does not know our friends at NORAD run a free Santa Tracker which goes on line 24 hours before Mr Claus begins his journey you can follow him accross the world as he makes his journey to deserving Children

Satelite Tracker Active 24 hrs before Christmas day journey

Chistmas elves or santas elves, are magical creatures clad in red or green (Christmas colors),and  live and work in the North Pole. They are Santa's little helpers, making toys in Santa's workshop.

Also included in their job description is taking care of Santa's reindeer, maintaining the sleigh, sorting through Santa's letters from the children and making sure that those children are asleep before Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas

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