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Cromwell Bottom


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Friday, 15 May 2015

Information On Rights of Way (ROW) adjacent to Cromwell Bottom LNR

Research by Glynn

Please note we are currently ensuring that the FP 042 is adequately signed , maintained and cleared . Its entrance from Elland Rd is to the Right of Cromwell Ho behind the bus stop to Elland  and onward through the wood yard please walk this route to keep this use of right 

The purple line is FP 118 downslope from Southowram  to Elland Rd .Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve  can be reached by picking up FP042 from Elland Rd to the RIGHT of Cromwell Ho just adjacent to the onward Elland Bus Stop. Procede to the wood yard and move onward to the gates keeping left to the buildings . This is a use of Right and lawful right of way. FP 042 is also a Bridleway so a horse would not be out of place !!

Procede over the Canal Bridge and onward into the Nature reserve pass the Green shed on the right and you will approach the pedestrial brdge over the River Calder . Strangely Brighouse FP 042 changes its status from Bridleway half way accross the bridge where it becomes Elland 014 . Technically neither of these routes are suited  for cycling as they are defined as footpaths not carriageways

Brighouse 042 is a Bridleway
Elland  014 is a Footpath

"As we understand it you need to get  of thee horse alf way cross bridge as becomes footpath for use with thee  legs "

From the map you can see the route of Brighouse Public ROW 042 which is a Bridleway   merging with  Elland 114 ROW  Footpath

a “footpath” over which the right of way is on foot only;

b “bridleway” over which there is a right of way on foot and on horseback, possibly with a right to drive animals;

“carriageway” over which there is a right of way on foot, on horseback, and in or on a vehicle.

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