Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Monday, 11 May 2015

Todays Natural History

Today seen large numbers of Rhingia campestris a Beaked Hoverfly feeding on Bugle,

Rhingia campestris 6278

Rhingia campestris 6374

Web Like Tongue beneath the Beak ideal for long flower tubes


Cantharids or Soldier beetle where evident Rhagoncho limbatus and Cantharis pellucida   other Coleoptera included the Cream Streaked ladybird and the 7 Spot and Harlequin Ladybird . A large number of Brown Streaked Lochmania crategei Beetles where foun on the Hawtorn host as well as Phyylobius Nettle weevils on the Ground Layer . Mating Craneflies where observed Tipula lateralis TBC . The small Micro Moth 1234 Pammene regiana or Regal Piercer was also recorded . Peacock Butterflies where the main Butterfly in flight throughout the day. Bees such as the Common Carder bombus pratorum and Bombus Terrestris Buf Tailed Bee where on the move . Bluebell where in flower throughout.

Diptera included Bibio pomonae although the larger black B marci is now dying off and of course recognisable by the dangling leg in flight.

Bibio pomonae 6434

Brown Lacewing aslo noted as well as Green . A Soldier Fly was recorded Sargus

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