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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Soldier beetle - Cantharis decipiens

Cantharis decipiens 27568


Small size and distinctly marked pronotum coupled with testaceous elytra make this species easy to identify even in the field. Antennae testaceous, darker towards apex. Palpi testaceous, terminal segment triangular. Head black to front margin of eyes, testaceous anteriorly, finely punctate and pubescent. Eyes prominent and temples gently constricted to pronotum. Pronotal disc characteristically darkened from front to hind margins, front margin evenly rounded, sides sinuate in front of distinct hind angles, explanate laterally, very finely punctate and pubescent over entire surfaceand without basal fovea. Scutellum black. Elytra entire, covering wings and unusually abdomen, with sparse short recumbent and longer semi-erect pubescence, shiny and strongly rugose. Legs testaceous, hind femur and tibia variously darkened but femur always pale at apex. Third tarsal segment bilobed, anterior of each pair of claws appendiculate. 

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