Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Friday, 2 May 2014

Butterfly Warning Small Tortoise & Amphibia

Small Tortoise Shell - two significant areas of vegetation with one or more large colonies have been impacted on this year , the area planed for access on the Pylon Side of the Calder and a Large nettled Area on the North Loop impacted on due to current work. Whilst difficult to be absolute in sampling counts Small Tortoiseshell sitings according to last 3 year records where down by 45 % in an equivalent week on week on sampling count which can be down to weather conditions , however the current Spring is not at the moment unfavourable for emergent first generation ST

Small Tortoiseshell 20029

Query Knotweed Spraying

Five specimens of DEAD healthy frog have been found on the Tag loop area , on further investigation it appears to us ( FEET) that Knotweed Spraying has occurred somewhere along the line but this is a matter of further investigation . I have fridged the n = 5 specimens for tissue sampling to see if chemical influence can be detected . No apparent disease or Physical Damage.  Calderdale have informed us that they have NOT  initiated no treatment , the questions to be addressed . at the moment I am reserved in making full comment until all information is available

(i) did treatment occurr (ii) Who did it (iii) and was it done properly and in a controlled manner . Fractions of Glycophosphate for example can be mutagenic to amphibia  and since this is principally a Reserve on the Water Table would be a referal to the Environment Agency 

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