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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ichneumons in The Spotlight

Ichneumons are a notoriously difficult group to identify especially in the Field. Thanks to Bill Ely of the YNU on an earlier visit last year some species where added to the reserve list. They are a highly specialist area of study requiring a great deal of expertise  and Bills skill and enthusiasm for the subject a great advocate for Yorkshire Entomology

The two images below TBC ( To Be confirmed)  show two Ichneumons in the first the Ovipositor can be seen , which is often mistaken for a large sting  It can be used by the wasps to bore into and lay eggs inside rotten wood.

Ichneumons are Parasitic Wasps in the Family Hymeopetera and  are closely related to other hymenopterans, such as ants and bees.

Ichneumon 27364

Ichneumon 27371

The Ichneumon below is believed to be Amblyteles armatorius probably one of the more common Ichneumons seen in the field

Hymenoptera 8656

This species is very common in mid-summer, frequently seen on the flowers of umbeliferae (especially Hogweed and Angelica) but you will also find them on thistles and brambles. It is probably the most common of the Ichneumons and can be seen by day in sunshine.

Another Unidentified Ichneumon TBC - Ichneumoninae ??

Ichneumoninae  6307

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