Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


April 2015 Updated Link on The future of Cromwell Bottom Sign our PETITION (click) to help Cromwell Bottom
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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sign Our Petition Help Protect Cromwell Bottom from idiots

Calderdale Council The Dirty Man of The River 

Calder  - 'swift stream' Celtic.

Leave  Nature & Wildlife Alone..Sign Our petition Today....Help Protect Tomorrow

Unlawful Discharge to Calder

Land Fill 20 yrs of insidious poisoning


If they cant look after it Now They wont when they try to commercialise it Say no to Development   !!!

Safeguard your Green Space say no to Commercialisation


Abhainn An T-Sluaigh (Gaelic original)
Chaneil an t-adhar os cionnLunnainn a nochd soileir nodorch.
Fada bhoabhainn ant-sluaigh.
Gun sgial air coinnealmor latha no reultan nah-oidhche.
Fada bho abhainn ant-sluaigh.
An sea s'am baile gunchadal gun fhois is gun saorsa.
Fada bho abhainn an t-sluaigh
.Casan a' gluasad an abhainn antuil.
 Fada bho abhainn ant-sluaigh.
Na cuibhlichean'scabhaig a tionndaidh gun sgur.
Fada bho abhainn an t-sluaigh.
Cus ag adhradh beairteas airaltair an tshaoghail.
Fada bhoabhainn an t-sluaigh.
Cach gundochas gun dachaidh air sraideangun ghaol.
Fada bho abhainn ant-sluaigh.
Leis gach dath s'gachcreideamh gach cainnt as gachcearn.
Fada bho abhainn ant-sluaigh.
Gach ceist is gachfreagairt sios an abhainn gucuan.
Fada bho abhainn ant-sluaigh.
The Crowed River (English translation)
The skies above London areneither clear nor dark.
The great candle of daylight and the stars of the night cannot be seen.
In this city that never sleeps thereis no quit no stillness.
Footsteps keep moving.
The river in full flood.
The relentless wheels keep turning withoutpause.
Many worshipping wealth atthe world's altar.
Others without hope or home on streets that holdno love.
With the various racescreeds and languages from all corners of the globe.
Eachquestion and answer rushing down the river to the ocean.
The need to be far from the crowded river.

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