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Friday, 19 June 2015

The Councils Consultation on Cromwell Bottom LNR - Reasons NOT To Be Fooled

The Councils Consultation

Firstly I am now in a position to assert the councils consultation is flawed firstly it was scheduled at events that catered for a disproportionally large number of visitors attending Brighouse 40 Weekend at events and was not predominantly aimed at local people.and to Questionairres circulated ourside Calderdale on Noodl

Secondly I have requested that Helen Rhodes be withdrawn from the process due to a significant conflict of interest which is currently with the CEO at the moment and involves vested interest

Thirdly as indicated the Council are approaching private land owners outside the consultative process and enterring into a series of negotiations outside the any consultative outcome thereby making a shambles of a consultative process which in fact Helen Rhodes refused to engage in

Fourthly some of the material facts being presented where incorrect if not misleading and does not reflect the current position of conservation management of a local nature reserve or any vulnerable groups using the reserve as a result of previous funding bids namely , blind disabled, elderly or Schools

Fifthly, given it is Ms Rhodes field of expertise , the questionairre was not a validated piece of work which could in any way be taken as serious in so far its structure presentation was biassed and prejudiced in its outcome

Sixth Given the Publics lack of scrutiny it is likely that such statistics would be presented to Cabinet in such a way to be a fore gone conclusion

Seventh The Nature reserve due to its popularity is being used as a primer to justify other elements of master planning without due regard to the authorities lawful obligations ( NERC ACT 2006 )

Eight Images and information relating to North Loop are not that, North Loop is NOT a former Landfill Site , it remains a Closed Landfill Site Regulated Under Licence by the environment Agency in the process of remediation until such times as the EA satisified that remediation is complete . The consequence of promoting it at such a juncture is resulting in the puiblic accessing the site through perimeter breeches such to constitute a position of endangerment

Nine Nowhere is there a clear aspiration to nominate North Loop as a LNR Local Nature Reserve which is deliberately not being dealt with advice from Natural England is clear there does not have to be substantive biodiversity or for that matter public access for the process to be begun simply a management plan and aspiration from the local land owner. There are a number of environmnetal issues which bring the impartiality of councils Biodiversity remit into question . I express concerns that there appears to be a stong dictat derived from the Councils Communities from senior management  Directorate bordering on what might be perceived as bullying

Ten The authorities view is increasingly to turn this land foot print into a cash cow to the exclusion of conservation groups and ultimately to the Public who will pay for car parking , and services already paid for within the council

Eleven As a conservation group engaging in access for the disabled and with a membership reflecting the same the Councils position in failing to provide FEET equivalent structures on the reserve as accorded with other stake holder groups as concerning and outside the equality act

Twelve In relation to data if any group or otherwise is interested in processing or qualifying the statistical basis or interpretation of the same them it should be readily available there are clear implications in terms of Freedom of Information and Data. Given the Councils model contained a significant portion of Lower Valley other than the Nature reserve there is substantial concern that such informtion will be incorrectly applied to any Master Planning or Cabinet Decision Making inappropriately

Thirteen There is now evidence that the Council are as initially identified approaching land owners to offer financial inducements outside the proces . so if you think you consulattion counted think again . It is very likely given that such activities remain unsanctioned by cabinet , after all its your money, that such officers are acting ultra vires , being their powers

There is an overwhelming view that the beauty of this natures reserve is best managed by leaving it alone. If you are in agreement This is best brought accross by sending a clear message to the council


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