Cromwell Bottom

Cromwell Bottom


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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Writing Competition "Failing Nature and Wildlife "

Unlike the HSS we will be running a Competition open to our Members and ALL alike called "Failing Nature and Wildlife " we would like to hear your essay on what you think the Local Authority in Calderdale are doing wrong in the management of the LNR and throughout  . Unlike the HSS competition we havent taken a brief from the council and find it more important to identify and protect the turbulent time that the Nature Reserve is going through to the benefit of wildlife.  You dont need to be a member of FEET who have been recording in Calderdale for over 20 yrs but are welcome to join see FEET website. Visit our web site to see what we have found over the years much of it in Calderdale

email your entry to email FEET Essay  Competition

The competition is open to all ages and abilities and unlike the HSS Competition we are not precluding anyone from writing an essay.

It can be as short or long as you like and as technical or moving observational as you can make it , each will be given equal merit

There are two categories and a Prize for each category some key headings are given but its YOUR essay

1. Observational

2. Technical


What do you see going wrong
Why or How it effects you
How the beauty nad tranquility has been affected
What changes you have seen at Cromwell Bottom tor accross Calderdale
The pressures you have noticed on Wildlife


The role of a Biodiversity Remit NERC Act 2006
How impartial is a Local Authority Biodiversity Officer
20 Yrs of Leachate
Developing in GB or Landfill
Planning per se !!!
Flood Control
How the Hydro Scheme might harm the river How cost effective is it
A load of old gas Whats in the combustable producec  How cost effective is it and whats it releasing
Footfall and Cycling
Wheres are BAP and how is it being delivered


First Prize in each category   Collins Bird Guide

email FEET Essay Competition

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