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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Harvestnman From Gordon Jackson

Post From Gordon Jackson FEET Member

 This morning there was a Harvestman on the wall. It was at the perfect height for taking photos. As with other things I've posted recently, I posted this one last year. I didn't know which Harvestman it was. Then I was told I was the 8th person in England to record it.An unexpected and happy surprise for me. Since then, I've had two others on the wall, there seems to be a small, thriving colony of them near our house. It is a Harvestman, Platybunus pintorum.

The species is Pine dependant and really, more common in Scotland, due to having a lot more pine trees than we have. They appear to be becoming more common in England. This is probably due to garden centres importing pines from Scotland.

There is more information about them in my post last year in this blog. I'm posting these photos because they are superior to the first set. A diagnostic of P. pintorum are the white spines on either side of its moth parts. They are much clearer here than in my previous photos. So, entering stage right is your own, your very own Platybunus pintorum.

Platybunus pintorum

Showing the white spines

That's all for this post.

Enjoy yourselves,

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