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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Worthy Macro from Group Member

Here is a selection of Macro Shots from Glynne W (FEET CB Member) many of the creatures featured are found througout the reserve . his macro is worthy of comment for a number of reasons . not just the diffculty in getting close to the subject per se but the fact that Glynne is using an improvised manual lens system and shooting manually no autofocus with his own technique . All in all this work is giving a high end lens a run for its money and producing good results that are more than fit for purpose well done

Plecoptera - Stone Fly

Sawfly - Symphyta probably Selandria serva 

Chrysolina sp A leaf Beetle

Cuckoo Flower -  Key Food for the Orange Tips

Tephritis neesii or 

Lesser / Wood Stitchwort

Cantharis Soldier beetle

Nettle Weevil

Profile View of a Shield Bug Nymph likely P rufipes Forest Shieldbug 

Birds Foot Trefoil Larval Food for the Common Blue


Heather Groundling Imaged elsewhere35.017 BF797
Neofaculta ericetella

                                                    hope you like the mixed bag of images

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