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Friday, 25 July 2014

A Mirid Nymph - Liocoris tripustulatus

Liocoris tripustulatus Miridae

Liocoris tripustulatus 31463

This is the striped Nymph form of this species an eartly stage 1 Nymph still not showing developing wing books . When Adult it looks like below . The Nymph is aprox 3 - 4 mm and the adult Length 4-5 mm. It is prolifically abundant on hedgerow  vegetation this time of year especially Nettles 

It can be very variable in colour form and tends to be darker with more intense marking on the Cuneus Post Spring Hibernation less vivid specimens are seen through out the year

  • Head width Aprox  1/2 Pronotum width, 
  • Length of second  antennal segment GREATER than  head width.
  • Spines on the Tibia are Short and Dark

Liocoris tripustulatus 28536

Green Ground Colour

Liocoris tripustulatus20712

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VC 63 Distribution  Please Allow Time to Load

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