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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Black Snipefly Chrysopilus cristatus

Black Snipefly Chrysopilus cristatus

Black Snipefly  30445


This is a snipe fly with a dark 'shade' on the outside of each wing. The female is plumper than the male and has a creamy hairy abdomen. The slimmer males have a hairy brown abdomen, but in both sexes the abdomen hairs can be worn off with age. The tail end of the abdomen is quite pointed and tends to curve underneath the body.


Found in damp shady places, often near woodland or pondsp- Tag Canal Wooded area

When to see it

Peak from May to July.


It is carnivorous, catching other small creatures that pass its perching spot. The larvae live in leaf mould and are also carnivorous.

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