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Friday, 4 July 2014

The Dogs Tail - Continued - A Paws Eye View

The Page where the Dogs The Star

Hey !!! look Its a Bloke Photographing Bugs. Lets do some posing !!!!

Aron 28636

Over here . lets have a nosey !!!

Aron 28633

Whats he Found

Aron 28647

                     Oh No - Its a Wiggly Jiggly - Yuk !!!

Well What Do You Know its a Timothy Tortrix Caterpillar

Timothy Tortrix 28612

  Hes aving a Laugh !!!! It Aint related to me !!!!

Aron 28655

Me Either !!!!

Dalmation 21594

He's having Ago

Polo 29598

Yeah I agree  Hes Not Funny

Dog 29083

Watch Out Fellas - Wasp - Don't Worry - I have It

Boxer 19958xx

For Goodness Sake Be careful !!

Spaniel 26946

Quick Fellas - Leg It  - The Boxer is loosing control

Lurcher  4050

Hey !!! He is Photographing Flowers That's a Safe Bet  !!  A Dog Daisy ???

Aron 28633

Oh No it is'nt . Let Me Out !!!

Dog 30465

Ha Ha Ha !!! Unlucky

Dog 30483

You think So Gremlin ????

Aron 28636

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