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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tachnid Fly Phasia hemiptera

 Tachnid Fly Phasia hemiptera

Diptera 30210

 Tachnid Fly Phasia hemiptera - Female


One of a small group of distinctive Tachinid flies. This species is strongly sexually dimorphic the female has noticeable orange hair patches on the sides of the thorax, and the abdomen shows some subdued orange marking. The males are even more colourful with curved patterned wings.


Various habitats, but usually in well wooded areas or around hedgerows etc.


Flight period: early May to early August

Life History 

It is a parasite of Heteropteran bugs, with known hosts including Green Shieldbug and Forest Bug. The female lays her eggs on these insects and the larvae then develop inside the living host.

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